Board Games

At Peculiar Games and Hobbies, we offer a diverse selection of board games, card games, dice games, and more. Our collection caters to everyone, from board game geeks to casual players. Whether you’re in the mood for a team experience, a solo challenge, or lively party fun, we have you covered. We also offer a range of games perfect for family time, from educational tools to entertainment for all ages.


For those seeking a challenge, our eurogames selection emphasizes strategy over luck. Renowned for their abstract gameplay and deep strategic elements, these games are perfect for players looking to engage their intellect. From classics like Catan to the latest titles, our eurogames collection offers a rich array of choices.

Card Games

Our range of card games is second to none. It includes everything from traditional favorites to the latest in Living Card Games (LCGs) and Collectible Card Games (CCGs). Whether you prefer cooperative gameplay, strategic battles, or light-hearted fun, our selection promises a card game for every preference and play style.

Dice Games

Discover exciting dice games at Peculiar Games and Hobbies where strategy, cooperation, and a dash of luck blend seamlessly. Our collection features everything from quick, family-friendly, games to complex, strategy-driven, adventures. Each game uses dice in unique and engaging ways. Whether you’re navigating through thrilling narratives or deducing your way out of tricky situations, our dice games promise hours of fun for players of all levels. Dive into a diverse range of games where every roll is a new adventure.

Roll and Write Games

If you don’t know roll and write games, think of Yahtzee on steroids. The typical roll and write revolves around chucking dice and filling out scoring sheets. Many roll and write games feature combos and special actions that get triggered by specific dice combinations.

Solo Games

Our store boasts a diverse selection of solo games and games with solo modes, perfect for both strategic play and quick, on-the-go, entertainment. Whether you’re delving into a solo adventure or fitting in a game during a break, our collection offers depth, challenge, and convenience for every solo gamer.

Games for Kids, Parties, and More!

No matter the age group or occasion we have games that will meet your needs. For kids, we have games sorted by age group. For parties, we have games that can accommodate over twelve players, even the ones who think games are “too complicated.” We also have games that can be used in team-building events. Whatever your requirements, just reach out and our staff can find a game for you!

Board Game Day

Our community board game day is a weekly opportunity to connect with fellow gamers and try something new. Can’t make it? Our game room offers a wide selection of free-to-try board games. Participate in our gaming events, including charity gaming days, for a chance to play and support great causes. Join us and dive into the exciting world of board games!