Board Games

We have board games, dice games, card games, and more. You’ll find a large selection of board games perfect for board game geeks and casual players alike. Team up with friends in Pandemic, Gloomhaven, or Forbidden Island. If you’re not feeling social, try a solo game like Deep Space D-6. Time to celebrate? You’ll love our party games like Ultimate Werewolf. Kids aren’t left out either; all ages can enjoy games like Ticket to Ride.


If you want something more unique, unorthodox, or challenging, our “Euro” games will satisfy you. Whereas most American-style board games focus on thrills and luck-based dice mechanics, Eurogames are more about abstraction and deep strategy. Whether you’re looking for classics like Catan or something newer like 7 Wonders, we have a great selection.

Card Games

If you’re looking for card games, look no further! There’s Tick-Tack-K.O., the Taco Bell Party Pack card game, and Unstable Unicorns just to name a few. Handle the Exploding Minions card game with care! Paint the town red in Red Dragon Inn. Storm the castle in Regicide. We also have a large collection of collectible card games and living card games. No matter what, you’ll be dealt a deck of fun.

Dice Games

These aren’t your mama’s dice games. Euphoria fuses dice mechanics with worker placement to build a dystopia. Too Many Bones is a dice-driven, tactical, RPG that can be played solo or cooperatively. In Bristol 1350, you use dice to flee the Black Death while using social deduction to figure out who is infected. These are just a few examples of the dice games that have been available at Peculiar Games and Hobbies.

Roll and Write Games

If you don’t know Roll and Write games, think of Yahtzee on steroids. The typical Roll and Write revolves around chucking dice and filling out scoring sheets that often feature combos and special actions triggered by rolling specific combinations of dice. For great examples of R&W games check out “That’s So Clever” or “The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game.” Alternately, ask our staff for a demo!

Solo Games

For people who like to play in solitude or just want something they can break-out on their lunch break, we have a variety of solo games and games with solo modes. Deep Space D-6 is a solo game where you fight off an enemy fleet by assigning crew dice to a variety of stations. Gloomhaven is a great example of a game that can be played solo or with friends. Finally, be sure to check out the “Mint” series of solo games which are all small enough to fit in your pocket.

Kids Games, Party Games, and More!

No matter the age group or occasion we have games that will meet your needs. For kids, we have games sorted by age group. For parties, we have games that can accommodate over twelve players, even the ones who think games are “too complicated.” We even have games that can be used in team-building events. Whatever your requirements, just reach out and our staff can find a game for you!

Board Game Day

Our community board game day gives you a weekly chance to connect with fellow gamers while trying out something new. If you can’t make that, there’s a peculiarly great selection of free-to-try games in our game room. Join us to participate in one of the many gaming events, especially our charity gaming days.