Collectible Card Games

Whether you gotta catch them all, are looking to use your arcane might, or believe in the heart of the cards, you can find all the CCG and LCG action at Peculiar Games and Hobbies. Whether you like LCGs like Arkham Horror: The Card Game, or CCGs like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, the Digimon Card Game, and Yu-Gi-Oh, we have it all. Chances are, there’s even an event for your game of choice.

Magic the Gathering

Join our weekly Magic the Gathering limited drafts, and make sure you don’t miss the tournaments. With pre-releases, tournaments, and weekly events, you’ll never lack Magic the Gathering action. Need more? Try one of the special events, like Magic League, or just enjoy some casual play and deck testing.

KeyForge: The Unique Deck Game

KeyForge players, race to forge your keys every Saturday night! Try your best to be the store champ! We run a variety of game formats with a great group of players. Don’t be shy; join us to discover everything that KeyForge’s Crucible world has to offer.

Living Card Games

Along with our extensive selection of Collectible Card Games, we also have LCGs. LCGs, Living Card Games, offer the deck-building experience of a CCG, without the randomness and secondary market expenses. Instead of purchasing booster packs containing random selections of cards, LCGs have players purchasing fixed bundles of cards to use during deck construction. Bundles are often separated into starter sets and expansions, with new expansions being released at regular intervals. If you would like to start or expand your LCG collection, Peculiar Games and Hobbies is your store!

All of Your CCG Needs

Don’t just catch them all on your own; catch us for Digimon and Pokemon. Come trust in your Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Discover something new; you never know what you’ll find. We have more; just ask about our variety of card games. Fun is in the cards at Peculiar Games and Hobbies, where we take fun and games seriously.