Roleplaying Games

We love great stories at Peculiar Games and Hobbies, which is why we love roleplaying games. In a good RPG, you can always expect something peculiar to happen while you are embarking on grand adventures and being transported to other worlds. Join our tables to encounter danger, intrigue, unforgettable tales, and new friends!

Dungeons & Dragons

You’ll find everything you need for Dungeons and Dragons, from books to miniatures.  You’ll be set to raid claustrophobic dungeons and dark caves from the comfort of our spacious, well-lit, game room. No matter your dungeoneering needs, we’ve got you covered.

RPG Selection

If your taste in roleplaying games stretches beyond Dungeons & Dragons, we still have you covered! We offer a wide range of RPGs and RPG-related products, including Pathfinder, the Star Wars roleplaying games, and others. There is always something new to try, especially with all our events, one-shots, and demos.

Come Play With Us!

Never played but want to try? Join us for a demo. Just want to play a one-off? Not a problem; we have plenty. Ready for a long-term campaign? We’ll help you find a group.

Dice Goblins Rejoice!

Every RPG player knows that you can never hoard enough dice. With that in mind, we have a fantastic selection for novice and dedicated players alike. Basic, gemstone, metallic, Fudge, Genesys, and even novelty dice are all awaiting new owners.

New adventures await you at Peculiar Games and Hobbies; we’ll be waiting!