The Game Room

Peculiar Games and Hobbies may be peculiar but in the best of ways! Just take a look at our game room. We have everything you need: a huge selection of board games that you can try for free, plenty of space, and a great community! There’s more than you might expect out of a gaming space.

Board Game Day

Every Sunday, our community comes together for our weekly board game day. During this free, community-led event, board game fans from across the area descend on the shop to share their favorite games. No matter if you have an extensive collection or are just getting into the hobby, come by, play some games, and become a part of the Peculiar Games and Hobbies family.

Demos, Events, and Tournaments

We regularly host free game demos, tournaments, and charity events. It’s one of the ways we’re a great place to meet up with old friends, make new ones, and have fun playing games! We have Friday Night Magic, Warhammer 40k, and more.

Free Game Library

Try a game before you buy it or just meet friends for a few hours of fun at the store. We have a large library of games that are free to try in our game room. If you are new to board games as a hobby, this is also a great opportunity to explore your tastes. Be sure to ask our helpful staff for recommendations!

Painting Table

We have a large area, featuring drying fans and other mini painting amenities. There’s plenty of room to paint and dry your miniatures. You’ll see clearly with bright lighting so you can get every detail right. Keep your painting skills fresh or learn something new at one of our painting classes.