Miniature Wargames

Welcome to Peculiar Games and Hobbies, where we provide for all of your miniature wargaming needs. Our store is a treasure trove for fans of futuristic battles and historic skirmishes. Whether you need Warhammer 40k, Bolt-Action, paints, or just a new set of dice, we have a wide selection to enhance your gaming experience.

Warhammer 40K

Are you a devotee of Warhammer 40k? Look no further! Our game room, fit for the Emperor of Mankind, is the perfect battleground. With regular games, tournaments, and charity drives, there’s always an epic battle to be joined. No matter if you champion the Imperium, Chaos, Orks, or Necrons, join us for unforgettable wargaming excitement.

Bolt Action

Bolt Action enthusiasts, get ready for immersive combat experiences! Our spacious, battle-ready, tables are well suited to large-scale conflicts. For those new to Bolt Action, we offer engaging demo sessions; perfect opportunities to delve into the exciting realm of historical wargaming. Discover the strategies, camaraderie, and rich historical context that Bolt Action brings to the tabletop.

A Universe of War

Beyond popular titles like 40k and Bolt Action, our store offers a diverse range of miniature wargames. No matter if you prefer history, fantasy, or science fiction conflicts, we have something for you. Our exciting events and charity tournaments add an extra layer of enjoyment to your gaming. Looking for something specific? Just ask – our collection is vast and varied, ready to satisfy any wargamer’s needs.

Wargaming Supplies

No miniature army is complete without a stunning paint job. Elevate your units from basic to battle-ready with our extensive selection of paints and accessories. Utilize our painting station to bring your miniatures to life. From box to battlefield, we’ve got all your painting and hobby supplies. Showcase your artistic talent in our painting competitions and impress fellow hobbyists.

Don’t Forget the Dice!

We understand the importance of good dice and a true wargamer knows you can never have too many. That’s why our store offers a wide selection of dice sets, catering to various wargaming needs. Whether you’re looking for standard dice for traditional gameplay or specialized ones for unique game mechanics, we have an extensive range to enhance your gaming experience and roll your way to victory.